Step 1: Finding the best dating site: The Dating-Navigator comparison

Which dating site is the best?

One thing first: THE best dating site in Canada doesn’t exist. There are better and there are worse dating sites, big ones and small ones, established ones and new ones. However, there is the best dating site for your needs, the one that can offer you the best success chance or the best cost-effectiveness. Which exactly that is, you will have to find out for yourself.

Rather ask yourself: Which dating site is the right one for me?

Every single is different and places value in different things when searching for a partner. That’s why there are so many different dating sites, matchmaking agencies and online dating apps… and that’s why there is dating-navigator, which tests the most important offers, compares them and lets you know which portal is best suited for your needs.

Our dating site categories

Depending on which type of contact you are searching, you should only concentrate on one dating site category and search the best provider within. Basically we separate dating sites in the following categories:

Online dating personals:

The strongest segment with the most singles. On personal ad sites, mostly younger singles often search for flirts, affairs or sometimes just friendships. Profiles and photos can be viewed by any member (partially even from nonmembers).

Matchmaking services:

Someone looking for a definitely solid relationship who also has especially high demands, should rather choose a matchmaking service. Here privacy is considered of particular importance, profile and photos are only visible to members and even then often only through deliberate release.

Casual Dating:

Someone pursuing an explicit purpose and only interested in sex, one night stands or an affair, will more likely find something on a casual dating site. Discretion is paramount and it will save you the overly lewd pickup attempts that are most often accompanied by most regular dating sites.

Mobile Dating:

Quickly on the go, wanting to see if other interesting singles are nearby? Then a mobile dating app is the perfect companion. Many singles use mobile dating in combination of “normal” online dating sites.

The test methods of Dating-Navigator

There are countless small, local and niche dating services with low membership figures and correspondingly low chances of success. We only test the most important Canadian dating services with sufficient members. We examine both the free basic membership and possible offered premium offers and note in each case the greatest advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to study the individual test results in detail, then go to the relevant test report details page. Here you can read the detailed review from Dating-Navigator, and view at a glance the important key data and our conclusion.

The decision

Pay less attention to the overall rating than the things that are important to you personally. The age of the members and their intentions should coincide with yours – everything else is personal preference. After the first preselection, you should test two to three different dating services, before your final selection. In the long term however, it is more effective to opt for one and actively only seek the best dating site FOR YOU.


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