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Conclusion: C-date is a leading service for casual encounters in Canada. It’s classy rather than ‘naughty’ and is pitched at the more executive end of the casual marketplace. This attracts a lot of women to the service.

C-date at a glance:


  • Great place to meet women who know what they want
  • Totally free for women
  • Stay safe: Discretion at a premium
  • Don’t waste your time. It’s very easy to use


  • To succeed, men have to pay (as with most dating services)
  • No mobile app

Our recommendation for more success

Try it out. C-date is super simple to register with and you look around without any commitment to buy. Once you’ve satisfied yourself that the service is right for you, then it’s easy to upgrade.

Men who decide to upgrade get exclusive access to all the women who can use the service for free.

C-date numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 7 resulting conversations
  • 1 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio C-date

Member statistics

44% Women

56% Men
Female ratio at C-date

Suitability for Special-Interest

  • A safe place to flirt and have fun
  • Easy to find the right kind of people

Suitability for Special-Interest

Local activity in Canada

  • Members in Canada: 900.000
  • Search trend: 60.000

Activity grade in Canada

1. C-date Canada review: overview

If you want a service that brings a bit of class to casual dating then this is exactly what C-date offers. The C-date service is especially popular with women as it provides all the elements that are important for them. It emphasizes discretion and security and puts its members in communication with each other in the most laid back of manners. It’s a long way from more sexually explicit hook up sites.

We have conducted thorough tests and appraisals of the C-date service in order to bring you a comprehensive view as to the effectiveness and value of the site in Canada.

Practical test and experience: Good performance by C-date. There seem to be lots of women on C-date and they are interested in casual dating. Also they seem responsive and the site has good activity levels. We like.
Functions: Plain, but in a good way! No messing around with pointless gimmicks. C-date has exactly the functions its clients need.
User-friendliness: Ok. Customer services are reachable and it’s pretty easy to get around the site. A fairly standard level of service by industry standards. Pass.
Value for money: Yes. It’s pretty cheap compared to others offering similar services and it’s especially cheap to trial. An executive styled service at this price point seems very reasonable.


2. C-date Canada Practical Test

The C-date Canada test thoroughly explores all elements of C-date. To produce a complete view of the quality of the product we created a profile on the site and made use of it like an everyday user (man seeks woman). Following this we browsed all the features on the site and conducted some first chats.

In addition, we checked C-date Canada’s reputation, reading through customer comment boards to understand how ordinary users respond to the product.

First reactions to C-date Canada

From the get go, a few things about the service are obvious. Number 1, that it is a website focused at the erotic and casual end of the show. Second, that it has an up market look and thirdly that it concentrates on helping you find people who are interested in the same sort of meet ups as you. The philosophy of the brand is encapsulated by the tag line at the top of the registration pages “Meet singles looking for Love and Fun”. This is a catchy brand statement and reflects the reality that many people are looking for both of these things.

Picture: Match List - C-date

Early on in the registration, the user is asked to select the kinds of rendezvous that they are hoping for. Is it ‘Meeting Singles’ or ‘Games’, for example. This idea goes through the site and you are prompted, in different ways, to define a) what type of person you are and b) what type of meet up you are looking for.

Member no. Test

To get a view of the number of members online, we conducted a contact count score. Dating sites come in various distinct shapes, but the most noteworthy thing for the customer is how many connections he or she has. How many individuals get in touch and how many people react to conversation openers. Our contact count develops a score against this essential metric for every dating service we evaluate. C-date Canada did fairly well in this test. There were a whole lot of members online and it looked like a fine spread of users over the state.

Results. Signed up as a man, we made 100 contact requests on C-date. These contained a combination of all the numerous methods of expressing your interest in a match. For example, by messaging or ‘winking’. We had 7 responses. This is a not so good result for men contacting women on dating sites and evidences a low number of active customers.

Profile quality of C-date Canada

Overall the women we encountered on C-date were open and friendly. The tone of the conversations was straightforward but not overly erotic, just practical. At first, it is a bit disappointing that many of the profiles don’t have pictures. However, once we got into conversation, many women were prepared to release their photos to us.

While the women are not necessarily supermodels, they seemed pretty genuine and were willing to go on dates and have some adventures.

Make your Profile work: If you’re devoting time or cash to C-date, make sure that you also devote some time on making your profile shine. Answer the questions, make sure your information is up to date and, most importantly, upload flattering pictures of you! Time spent on these things will not be time wasted!

Do they have fake profiles on C-date in Canada?

People pretending to be other people is an issue for all dating firms and often the test of a service is not whether they have an issue, but how severe it is. However, our impression of C-date Canada was reassuring in this regard. C-date features an impressive system of profile validation and mostly the profiles seemed real. 

Conclusion C-date Canada Snapshot Test: So our findings suggested that C-date serves its customers well in Canada. There was a good level of activity and C-date seemed to support a genuine community of like-minded casual daters.


3. Features on C-date in Canada

The emphasis in the C-date service is on choice and discretion. There are lots of different opportunities to express what and who you are after and to choose who sees your information.

It’s comparatively easy to set yourself up on C-date and make your first contacts and conversations. The initial registration process requires no more than 2 minutes of your time and an e-mail address. From there you have chances to embellish your profile further and to upgrade to Premium Membership, if you see women you are interested in and want to send them a message.

Once you've been through this registration process you will see that C-date has a fairly traditional layout. Nothing that fancy, just a standard platform and a few extra features. This shows you that it is an adult site. No gimmicks here, just does what is needed to get people talking. We like this plain and no-nonsense approach. 

Photo Release

Photo release on C-date allows you to stay in control of who looks at your pictures online and when. When you put up pictures onto your profile, you can say if you want the picture to be public or if you only what to show it to specific matches.

Picture: Photo release - C-date

My Erotic Type

To make it easy for customers to express themselves about their sexuality, the feature 'My Erotic Type' is part of the profile section. Here you can select from a big selection of images (carrots, chocolates, handcuffs etc). Pick your top five to display to your matches.

Picture: My erotic type - C-date

Sexual Preferences

C-date being a casual dating site, it does focus on the sexy part of dating and gives its customers a lot of opportunities to state their sexual preferences. If you are into lingerie or role playing, you can say so in the Sexual Preferences section and you should get matched with people who are into similar stuff.

Picture: Sexual preferences - C-date

Summary of Functions and Features: C-date is not a flashy all ‘bells and whistles’ type of service. Rather it is one where the service is kept down to the bare essetntials. What customers need to conduct successful online conversations. It is especially strong on security and anonymity.


4. C-date Canada Customer Service

Customer care is an important issue with dating sites. The extent to which sites respond to the anxieties and problems their customers have fluctuates largely between services. How simple is it to get hold of customer services? How promptly do they deal with customer enquiries. Does the firm operate automatic rebilling of subscriptions and how easy is it to cancel this?

Getting hold of Customer Support with C-date Canada

The site has a good FAQ section that answers a lot of procedural questions well. There is also a customer service e-mail and response times are reasonable (48 hours). It's a shame that there seems to be no chance to getting hold of C-date on the phone. This is fairly common for dating services. Overall then a reasonable if not excellent level of customer support is available on C-date.

C-date Canada layout

C-date looks every bit as stylish as it claims to be. It is styled somewhat like a lounge and the tenor of the site is mystery and excitement but without any explicit material. It's also an easy site to use and understand and doesn't tax its customers with unnecessary amounts of gimmicks or games.

Picture: Image from the registration page - C-date

The C-date Canada App

C-date has a good mobile functionality on phone and tablet browsers, though as yet no mobile app. Enough to ensure that you can use the service effectively without an PC.

Summary of C-date Canada Customer Service: C-date has a nice, rather traditional format and design and a decent enough, though hardly stella standard of customer services. Overall a pass for C-date in this category.


5. Is C-date Canada a good deal?

The large majority of dating services hand out a free taster of their product, but to get full use of the site and interact with other people you nearly always have to pay for a Premium Account. C-date Canada is no exception and to communicate with your matches, you have to pay a fee. We wouldn’t quibble with the necessity of this. Customers will always have to pay if they want to use a quality service. Instead, we focus on how C-date Canada performs on a ‘value for money’ reckoning. Is it reasonably priced overall?

On these criteria C-date looks good value. It is an unusual service. It offers something fairly unique in the market and has an executive brand position. Despite this it is priced very competitively and has some good introductory offers. 

What do you get for your money on C-date Canada?
  • Read/Send messages
  • See full profiles and pictures
  • Save contacts and messages
Premium Membership with C-date Canada
  • A 6 months subscription costs  $12.49 per month  (50% cheaper per month than the 1-month option)
  • A 3 months subscription costs  $19.95 per month
  • To sign up just for one month only costs  $31.95

We recommend you go for the six month subscription period. It’s a large initial cost, but you’ll be able to really relax and use the service well.

Watch out: Premium Membership will renew automatically unless you specifically instruct C-date not to. This is common practise but you do need to keep a check on when your subscription period expires and what you need to do in order to cancel.
C-date Canada’s value overall: C-date is good value for money. The service is high value in terms of its client base and stated executive approach. It has below average pricing for such a hook up service and it has a low trial price. Worth trying.



C-date summary

Reviewed brand: C-date
Evaluated by: ca.dating-navigator.net
Last update:
Overall rating: 3 / 10

Overall user ratings


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