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Conclusion: GetItOn delivers a lot of great content as well as an active dating platform. It’s an enjoyable and tempting combination that is quite unusual in the marketplace.

GetItOn at a glance:


  • Truly a content rich site
  • Lots of features for you to enjoy
  • A well laid out and user friendly format
  • Combine dating and viewing


  • Some confusion between professional and amateur content
  • This is a global service so some of your matches may be far away

Our recommendation for more success

There is a fair bit of content that you can view online for free with GetItOn. Register now and you could be enjoying the free model chat features within minutes. A  whole selection of girls are available to view, live from their bedrooms. Simply log on and tell them what to do.

GetItOn numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 8 resulting conversations
  • 1 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio GetItOn

Member statistics

47% Women

53% Men
Female ratio at GetItOn

Suitability for Special-Interest

  • Join a one stop shop for all your love needs
  • Enjoy really high class live streaming

Suitability for Special-Interest

Local activity in Canada

  • Members in Canada: 600.000
  • Search trend: 390

Activity grade in Canada

1. GetItOn Canada review: in brief

One of the most unique elements of the GetItOn service is the great range of payment options the site offers. We especially liked the one off starter payments they offer to view content or profiles. This is one of the elements that distinguishes them most from AdultFriendFinder, which is run by the same group (the Friend Finder Network).

GetItOn blurs the distinction between dating and pornography with a service that offers both things simultaneously. It’s a pretty neat trick and ensures that however happy or unhappy you are with the quality of the profiles, you are always going to get some fun out of the site. If you can’t immediately find suitable women, you are still going to be able to enjoy the service and stay active on it.

We went, top to bottom, through this site in order to get a clear idea of how well it works and what it’s highlights and lowlights were from a user perspective. Here is what we found out.

Practical test and experience: While we could see a lot of women on this site and got a fair response rate to our conversational openers, we did find that often the profiles wer of women living a long way from home. Fun service, but not ideal for local hook ups.
Functions: A wide variety of functions and ‘things to do’ ensure that you are never bored on ‘GetItOn’. So much fun and plenty to talk about with your contacts on the site. We liked this wealth of possibilities a lot.
User-friendliness: A decent sore for GetItOn. They  have an e-mail template where you can contact their customer support team and they have designed a site that is easy to navigate and understand.
Value for money: We think that this site is good value for money, with a unique offer and competitive pricing. We especially like the introductory or starter pricing options that allow you to make a start without committing to a big spend.


2. GetItOn Canada Experience Test

The GetItOn Canada experience test rigorously checks all aspects of GetItOn. To come up with a complete overview of the service we set up a profile on the site and used it as a normal user (man seeks woman). Following this we looked at all the features and started first flirts.

On top of this, we had a look at GetItOn Canada’s online reputation, scouring through customer comment boards to build an impression of how ordinary users have experienced the product.

First impressions of GetItOn Canada

From the moment you land on the site, some characteristics of the service are obvious. Number 1, that it is a site targeted more at the casual end of the marketplace. Then, that the site has a up market atmosphere and thirdly that it focuses on helping you find people who are into the same sort of meet ups as you. The philosophy of the company is all about mixing different types of content to deliver a seamless service.

Picture: Landing Page - GetItOn

Right at the beginning of the registration, the user is prompted to select the kinds of encounter that you are seeking. Is it ’Flirting’ or ‘Chatting’, for example. This idea runs right through the site and you are requested, in several different ways, to define a) what type of dater you are and b) what type of meet up you are looking for.

Contact Test

To ensure a notion of the number of members online, we undertook a matches count score. Dating websites come in many distinct configurations, but the most key concern for the consumer is how many contacts he or she gets involved with. How many people get in communication and how many people react to conversation openers. Our activity count produces a value against this essential metric for every company we review. GetItOn Canada did extremely comfortably in this test. There were a whole lot of members online and it looked like a respectable distribution of users over the nation.

Results: Signed up as a man, we sent out 100 contact requests on GetItOn. These were made up of a mixture of all the various means of expressing interest. For example, by messaging or ‘winking’. We got back 8 responses. This is an OK result for men initiating conversations with women on dating services, but it's not outstanding.

What the profiles look like on GetItOn Canada

GetItOn Canada is a really enjoyable service that offers its customers great high quality profiles to view and cleverly plays with the boundaries of real and professional members. We found plenty of women who had great profiles and were willing to chat. It is an international service in nature however and you may find that your contacts on GetItOn are not as local as you might hope.

Profile tip: When you’re investing time or money with GetItOn, make sure you assign some time on making your profile count. Give full answers to all the questions, make sure your information is up to date and post lots of good pictures of you! Time you spend on these important matters should not be time spent in vain!

People pretending to be other people is usually a problem for all dating services and often the test of a service is not whether they have fake users, but how many of them are out there. Our impression of GetItOn Canada was reassuring in this regard. GetItOn runs a pretty robust routine of profile validation and mostly the profiles gave the impression of being real. 

Conclusion GetItOn Canada User Test: Good fun and good profiles. GetItOn is an entertaining place to visit and has a lot of activity. Just beware that the site is serving and international community and not just necessarily a local one.


3. Functions and profiles on GetItOn Canada

It does not take you a long time to get involved in the dating community at GetItOn Canada. Registration can be completed in five or so minutes and little is required from you beyond an active e-mail address that you can use to confirm you’re identity (or rather that you are not a robot). You may well want to set up a new e-mail address for the sake of anonymity, rather than using your every-day account. Again, don’t imagine this is something that will take you a lot of time. A new google mail account should be easy to set up within a few minutes.

The registration process is about 4 pages long and perhaps a little longer than the industry average. In particular it asks for a lot of details on sexual preferences and desires. These are then used to match you later in the process.

The registration process steps you through about 4 pages of questions around issues of sexual preferences or fantasies. These preferences are used later in the process to match you up with women who are looking for something similar, so make sure you think about your answers.

Live model chat

Live model chat is the stand out feature on GetItOn. It gets you in the perfect mood for dating and chatting. Just log on and check out all the offerings.

Picture: Live Model Chat - GetItOn

Member Videos

GetItOn also has a great member video section where you can swap share and view video content with other members on the site. Great feature for the brave.

Picture: Member videos - GetItOn

Content Filter

The content filter allows you to differentiate between the naughty and the not so naughty profiles. It basically blocks your view of any obscene material so that the prudish, or those using the service in a public space, can be protected.

Picture: Content Filter on - GetItOn

Get Laid Guarantee

We don’t really understand what GetItOn intends to do about proving whether their members have scored or not, however, there it is, the Get Laid Guarantee. Our assumption is that if you write to GetItOn and complain that you haven’t had success, you will receive an automatic three month extension…..

Summary of Functions and Features: GetItOn really has a pretty rich offer of features and, best of all, it offers many of them for free as well. Make the service very attractive.


4. GetItOn Canada Customer Care

Customer care is an important issue with online dating sites. The extent to which sites deal effectively with the worries and problems their customers have, changes a lot from one site to another. How simple is it to make contact with customer services? How quickly do they handle customer concerns. Does the firm operate automatic renewal and how easy is it to cancel this?

Contacting Customer Services on GetItOn Canada

You can ask the GetItOn team a question using their online formula which is freely available to both paying and non-paying members on the site. For more instant answers, the service also provides an extensive Frequently Asked Questions area that should provide you with the main answers you need.

Design of GetItOn Canada

The GetItOn is a mixed bag of design excellence and clunkiness. Overall it’s not hard to use at all and some areas in the product have great designs with full page images and top notch usability. However, the main member home page is a bit drab and out of date.

The GetItOn Canada App

GetItOn doesn’t have an app in its own name, but instead GetItOn members can use the AdultFriendFinder app. This is an excellent app and should not be a source of disappointment. It will allow you to use the service with all the functionality you would want on the move. Available for iphones and android.

Picture: Adult Friend Finder App as used by GetItOn

Summary of GetItOn Canada Customer Care: Not bad. The service is flexible and useable. You are unlikely to find yourself lost and unable to get to the feature you want. Just as importantly, you can write direct to the company and expect and answer.


5. GetItOn Canada. Value for Money?

Most dating services hand out a free introduction to their product, but to get proper use of the site and make contact with your matches you have to pay for a Premium Account. GetItOn Canada is not an exception and to communicate with your contacts, you have to pay a fee. We are not going to question the necessity of this. In the end, customers will always have to pay if they want to use a good service. Rather, we focus on how GetItOn Canada comes out on a ‘value for money’ equation. Is it worth spending the money and getting involved?

Benefits of GetItOn Canada’s paid for service
  • Explicit profile photos
  • Access to member videos
  • Full email privileges
GetItOn price list
  • A 3 months subscription costs  $11.84 per month
  • To sign up just for one month only costs  $22.55

*these prices were current at the time of writing, but may change

We suggest you go for the three month deal. It’s not expensive and you’ll be able to relax and use the service well.

Be careful: Premium Membership will renew automatically unless you instruct GetItOn not to.
Overall. Is GetItOn worth the cash? The simple answer is yes. Especially as it really doesn’t take much cash to get involved. There is a really good range of payment options you can choose from on this site and it is offering something that few others do in the same way. A unique offer with a competitive and flexible pricing plan, we like.


GetItOn summary

Reviewed brand: GetItOn
Evaluated by:
Last update:
Overall rating: 3 / 10

Overall user ratings


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