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Which dating site is the best? One thing first: THE best dating site in Canada doesn’t exist. There are better and there are worse dating sites, big ones and small ones, established ones and new ones. However, there is the best dating site for your needs, the one that can offer you the best success chance or the best cost-effectiveness. Which exactly that is, you will have to find out for yourself. Rather ask yourself: Which dating site is the right one for me? Every single is different and places value in different things when searching for a partner. That’s why there are so many different dating sites, matchmaking agencies and online dating apps… and that’s why there is dating-... (read more)
The two most common problems, reported by singles disappointed by online dating are: “No one writes me/I don’t get any answers.” and “Most online dating profiles are incomplete or unattractive.” The two complaints have more in common than you would think at first glance- and there is a simple solution for both: The quality of the online dating profiles needs to be improved! Altogether, many profiles on Canadian online dating sites leave much to be desired. Even though an attractive profile is the key for being successful in online dating. The right online dating profile for each type of Dating. Depending whether you are on a casual dating site, looking for a fling or are wanting to... (read more)
Looks are not everything, but if your online dating profile doesn’t look appealing, you will never get the chance to shine with your character. That does not mean that only singles that look like supermodels have a chance. There are plenty of tips and tricks to make your profile photo an eye-catcher regardless of your appearance. Profile photo tips for online dating 1. Do not upload the next best picture Do you just not have a good photo at hand? Then do not simply upload any picture, but go through the effort and have a few pictures taken. No, not at the photo studio. Ask friends at the next meeting, to take a few nice snapshots. Then you are easy, relaxed and might as well seek the... (read more)
You now have a presentable profile with the top profile picture at exactly the right singles exchange… time to meet other singles! Perhaps you’ve already received one or two messages, but you’re not using online dating sites to leave things to fate. You’ll have to help chance along a little, so you message active members that interest you. Most of the time, the first message already decides your online dating success or failure, so take note of our advice before you get started. 1. Tips for the first message at online dating for men Let’s not fool ourselves – In online dating, gender roles are still quite clearly divided. Men usually make the first move, women are bombarded with... (read more)
Flirting has a lot to do with body language, with conscious and unconscious signals that convey to the other person, that one is open for more. How is flirting online supposed to work, where one has to rely entirely on the written word without these indicators? Once you’ve established contact with a person with your first message and hopefully got and interesting answer, you should get to know each other online before you arrange a first date. Fortunately, most online dating services have realized that flirting is a part of meeting one another and have made all kinds of assistance available to facilitate flirting online. Flirt tips for online dating sites: 1. Winking, nudging and smiling... (read more)
Some say that you can’t fall in love online. Others swear that it can happen and that many singles fall in love in online dating. Whether you already know from online flirting that you’ve found true love, or if you’re still skeptical – it can be hard to choose the right time for the first date. The editors of Dating Navigator recommend commonly not to rush it but not to wait too long either. The right time depends on what kind of relationship you are looking for, how often and intensive you communicate online and how easy it is to arrange a meeting. The right time for the first date at online dating (Personals): Whoever is searching at eHarmony, Lavalife & Co for dates, won’t... (read more)
You’ve decided on a first date, he/she said yes...and here come the questions: What to do at the first date? Where to go for the first date? What to talk about at the first date? Every date is different, but our tips for the first date can help in planning: The first date should always take place at a public place Of course you have a good feeling – you already know each other a little from online chatting and have at least the hope that you could fall in love. And still the old online wisdom applies: “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”. In other words, it always may turn out, that the person which whom you have a date, is not the way you imagined. That’s not the... (read more)
You are interested in new trends and exclusive stories in the area of online dating? Below you can find our latest studies conducted by the Dating-Navigator team. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: Contact: Out latest studies in Canada:   OverTindered and Underwhelmed Our Tinder survey is showing that the Tinder App might be losing its appeal: 63% of total users are showing they’re growing tired of the app. More information here -- Sexercise - Canada's sexiest workout Sex isn't just fun – it burns calories and keeps you fit. Our research shows that by having sex with passion you can expend just as many calories... (read more)