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Conclusion: Amazing! We didn’t have to wade for long to find a good number of highly-educated people on Academic Singles. This brilliant dating platform is designed with awesome features and partner suggestions. Despite the few usability glitches, this is still the best platform for connecting with single, intellectual, go-getters in Canada.

Academic Singles at a glance:


  • Impressively high numbers of fruitful interactions with other upper-class singles (proved)
  • Every aspect of the service is premium
  • A good number of users in Canada
  • Both the website and app are easy to use
  • The best value for money performance-wise


  • Subscription model with the all-too-common auto renewal

Our recommendation for more success

Start with a free membership on Academic Singles. Once you decide it’s the right fit for you, you can upgrade to a premium membership. This is necessary if you wish to interact with other users, which is standard procedure for most dating sites.

Academic Singles numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 6 resulting conversations
  • 1 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio Academic Singles

Member statistics

55% Women

45% Men
Female ratio at Academic Singles

Suitability for Love

  • Best test results among elite dating services in Canada
  • Popular among CA elite singles

Suitability for Love

Local activity in Canada

  • Members in Canada: 1.500.000
  • Search trend: 35.000

Activity grade in Canada

1 Review of Academic Singles Canada

Everyone hopes to find a life partner with whom they are compatible. It is a fundamental human need. These days, finding a partner in Canada using online dating platforms is a common theme. Using results from personality tests, these dating platforms can match you with prospective partners.

Very few elite dating websites, if any, can match up against Academic Singles in Canada. Below is our review where we look at Academic Singles performance and how it stacks up against similar services on the market. Bear in mind, though: We think Academic Singles is among the very best matchmaking sites for the elite in Canada.

Practicality: According to our field test, Academic Singles proved to be an exceptional dating service. The contact test showed that a user can easily find a high number of new contacts on Academic Singles in no time. All members have great educational backgrounds and are able to accommodate new contacts. Very few dating sites could produce such results. Awesome!
Features and Profiles: The site has great features which all work superbly. But we feel it could use some more innovative features for an even more interesting user experience. Nevertheless, Academic Singles makes up for this with its high-quality prospects for finding a partner. The member profiles were all impressive: detailed, clear, with great photos. Excellent!

User friendliness: Academic Singles comes with a top-of-the-range interface and is pretty easy use. Although there’s room for more transparency in the area of customer service and the way they handle membership termination, the platform is still a great choice.

Price: You would be hard-pressed to find a better dating service with a higher value for money in Canada. The issue of poor quality contacts is a frustrating one on most sites, and the fact that Academic Singles scored high in all aspects of the test makes it worth every cent. Add the terrific extra features and spot-on partner suggestions and you would be happy to pay even more. The value for money is definitely to love!


2. Academic Singles - CA dating test

It can be difficult for ordinary users to know if a singles service is worth their time and money in terms of how it measures up against its competition. Because of this, we’ve taken the effort to test this platform thoroughly for you. What we aim to accomplish with our review of Academic Singles for Canada is to give you a comprehensive insight of not just this particular platform, but the online dating industry in general.


For the purpose of this test in Canada, we came up with two user profiles: a male and a female. Using these, we examined the free features thoroughly. We then bought a premium membership which allowed us to test Academic Singles further. We placed the most emphasis on the contact test and the platform performed well in that area.


2.1 Academic Singles First Impression

You only get to make a first impression once and Academic Singles did that superbly. There is an air of professionalism and overall, the site seems reputable. The site has a minimalist bent to it but it still offers enough to be curious about. Users of Academic Singles have all the necessary information to interact with each other right at their fingertips.

Picture: Welcome to Academic Singles Dating in Canada - Registration successfully completed

The question on most people’s minds is: How much does Academic single in Canada cost? This is a question to which no one really knows the answer before registering. The pricing system is kept under wraps. The fact that this is normal in the dating industry does not make it transparent at all. This is one area Academic Singles fails.

2.2. Academic Singles Contact Test - Canada Dating

With the contact test, you can determine how easy and fast it is for you to know other users of Academic Singles. The heart of an online dating service lies in how active the users are. It’s functioning depends on the quick and easy creation of new contacts. We put Academic Singles through the contact test and the results were impressive.

Test results on Academic Singles Canada

30-day Contact Test on Academic Singles

>> passive contact requests: 34

  • standard greetings: 0

  • personal messages: 34

>> active contact requests: 50

  • standard greetings: 0

  • to which positive replies received: 0

  • personal messages: 50

  • to which positive replies received: 33

Success rate: 77 from 100 points

(premium membership)

34 contact requests plus 33 positive responses to contact attempts

How does our test work?·      

  • The test is conducted over a month starting from the day the premium membership is purchased.

  • Tabs are kept on the number of successful contacts during this period.

  • A total of 50 attempts at initiating communication are counted. This includes messages and greetings. Received attempts are also counted, up to 50 as well.

  • All received contact attempt are considered successful

  • Outgoing attempts need a positive response to be counted as successful.

  • Successful incoming contacts can get up to 50 points, as can successful outgoing contacts.

  • The result is expressed as x out of 100 points. For example, 73 successful contacts out of 100 attempts equal a score of 73/100.

In conclusion: The extraordinary results can be attributed to the single fact that the practical evaluation depends on the performance in the contact test. The dating service serves its purpose- You get a chance to connect with people easily and in a short time. Academic Singles scored 77 out of 100 points. That’s 2 successful contacts out of 3 attempts. Outstanding!


3. Academic Singles Functionalities and Profiles

3.1. How does Academic Singles in Canada work?

First Step

Right after you register, you are given a personality test which lasts approximately 15 minutes. You will need to answer different questions about your ideas, interests and preferences. In our opinion, Academic Singles made a good effort of creating an answering system that is easy to use. The questions are also well thought out and are enough to bring out your personality. After the personality test, you will be asked to compose a personal welcome message. Make it thoughtful and attractive. All visitors to your profile will be able to see this message.

Picture: Personality test on Academic Singles

Picture: Academic Singles works all around the globe


Second Step

At this stage, you should have completed your profile. It’s ridiculously simple to fill out the information. You might even find it fun. At Academic Singles, you get to choose response options as opposed to filling out fields of text like many platforms require you to. Nice!


Picture: Dating profile on Academic Singles CA

Picture: Complete your dating profile on Academic Singles CA

Third Step

Depending on the results of your and other users’ personality tests, you will find a long list of potential partners waiting for you on your homepage. The Academic-Singles-Index is a computer algorithm that calculates and shows the likelihood of you matching another user. You are better off using the index to get the most probable suggestions on top. You can edit the search criteria if you so desire. There are ways you can manually adjust the selection according to your preferences.


Fourth Step

Next, you can contact your prospective partners by messaging them. That’s the only way you can reach out to other users of Academic Singles. Messaging is a vital way to communicate with others. It is also our recommended method to engage in conversations. One thing we thought could make a great addition was a greeting ‘smile’, poke, or any quick method of making someone aware of you attention. But the messaging system is enough, actually. The basic and easy to use messaging function is in line with Academic Single’s minimalist design.

3.2. Quality of the Profiles on Academic Singles CA

Academic Singles was not without its share of fake profiles. However, the number was small. One drawback is the lack of an ID verification system. Some dating services offer voice, video or ID verification. Having confirmed profiles gives you that extra assurance that you are actually talking to the person you think you are. This increases the overall dating success rate.

It’s easy to find some profiles without pictures. Although this does not necessarily make such a profile fake, it makes matchmaking harder.

  • Furnish your profile: Make sure you provide all the necessary information. It so your first point of contact with other users and the more complete it is, the easier it will be for others to communicate with you.

  • Don’t be reluctant to upload pictures of yourself. Provide as many as you can. This allows others to have a clear image of you. What’s to fear? You have to meet someday anyway.

Conclusion: You won’t find anything mind boggling on Academic Singles in Canada. It maintains a minimalist approach, only providing the most basic functions which are all effective and easy to use. Partner suggestions are usually spot-on and plenty. Isn’t that what everybody wants from a dating service?

4. Customer Friendliness

You definitely won’t get lost at Academic Singles with their detailed and easy to find FAQs. They’re set up properly and answer all questions thoroughly. Nevertheless, we feel there’s need for a section about love and partnership in general.

4.1. Customer Service and Contact Options at Academic Singles

There’s little attention paid to customer service on Academic Singles in Canada. Finding the contact details is not a piece of cake as it should be. The FAQs are not very helpful in this regard. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the site, but those are just general contact details most sites provide. You can find an email there which you can use.

Customer service responded to our test email quite promptly . But this was not enough to earn a positive review for customer service from us. For a dating site of that calibre, customer service leaves much to be desired.

Academic Singles contact details
  • Postal address:

  • Academic Singles S.à.r.l.

  • 291, Route d'Arlon

  • 1150 Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg

4.2. Membership Termination at Academic Singles

It’s not easy to terminate your membership on Academic Dingles. This, sadly, is quite a common practice in the online dating industry. They usually renew your subscription if you don’t cancel in time. The problem is that they make it had for you to cancel. Academic Singles offers nothing different in this regard. Drawback!

Remember: Warning: Remember to cancel  your subscription once you find the partner you want or you will continue to be charged a monthly fee automatically.

You need to mail them a letter or fax. That’s the only way you can have your membership cancelled.


How to cancel Academic Singles quick and easy:


"Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby terminate my Academic Singles contract at the earliest possible date. Kindly send me confirmation of the cancellation along with the time of termination.

My email address: xxx

My ID: xxx

Best regards”


And submit. Done!


Postal address:

Academic Singles S.à.r.l.

291, Route d'Arlon

1150 Luxembourg


Fax: +41 434302215


Reminder: Be sure to provide the same email address that you used to register you Academic Singles membership account. Do not forget to mention your ID as well for them to identify you.

4.3 Academic Singles look & feel

A smart design with a modern touch and no clutter. This makes for a pleasant user experience. Every button is right were you would expect it to be. There’s hardly any getting lost. Neat!


Conclusion: When it comes to user-friendliness, Academic Singles does not score as high as it potentially can. The negative points generally revolve around the websites' inadequate customer service, lack of phone contact details, and a difficult cancellation method. All in all, still great!


5. Value-for-Money Ratio

5.1. Academic Singles Prices in Canada

For you to find Academic Singles in Canada useful, you need to upgrade to a premium membership. That's because they have made communication inaccessible to basic users. Just like with most online dating platforms, the free membership serves only to give you a first impression of the site for you to decide whether it’s the best for you. If you find it useful, you need to start paying for the service. We have no problem with that knowing Academic Singles spends money to keep the site up, and they need to earn something for it.

Remember: Request cancellation of your membership when you find a partner.

Do you need a premium membership with Academic Singles?

Definitely. Only a premium membership gives you the ability to communicate with other users through the site’s messaging system.

The premium membership comes with:
  • Ability to send and read text messages

  • Get to see who checked out your profile

  • Get partner recommendations

  • Include partner recommendations in your lists of favourite


Picture: Overview of the advantages as a premium Academic Singles CA member

How much do you have to spend on an Academic Singles premium membership in Canada?

Academic Singles prices:

Not available in Canada yet


Conclusion: We think Academic Singles offers high value for money. It ranks high among elite dating services in Canada. The pricing may seem a bit high, but you really get your money’s worth. The features are easy to use and the partner proposals are great. Our contact test revealed just how easy it is to find a partner. Overall, Academic Singles gives a premium product in exchange for your money.

Need more information on this topic? Please have a look at our category overview page: Love. We hope you'll find some additional helpful information there.

Academic Singles summary

Reviewed brand: Academic Singles
Evaluated by:
Last update:
Overall rating: 4 / 10

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