Sexercise - Canada's sexiest workout

Sex isn't just fun – it burns calories and keeps you fit. Why bother going to the gym when you can get all the exercise you need in the bedroom? Our recent research - accompanied by a poll - shows that by having sex with passion you can expend just as many calories as a gym workout!


If you get sexed up in the morning and night for an hour, you’re burning just as many calories as a non-connective gym workout session. We believe in SEXERCISE as a creative and exciting route to getting into tip-top shape fast! You will never get bored and you certainly won’t ever hit a plateau; cuz every single sex session is different.

Our web survey polling Canadian guys and gals shows…

Canadians seem to enjoy doing it like animals – or kitchen utensils.

51% of men enjoy being ridden (by a cowgirl) or want to take their lover on the kitchen table (21%). Unfortunately, for women the cowgirl position is  the least favourite option, chosen by only 1% of female participants. They are more turned on by spooning (31%) or being taken from behind, doggy style (23%). Considering the athletic potential, it seems a shame that sex standing up isn't more popular with Canadian men. After all, it would be a fantastic workout.

Our poll results also show that singles are using dating more like a sport than anything else. The on-the-rise hook-up dating with no-strings is the rave, and apps and websites support this shift.

Advantages of Sex Positions for Gals

  • Spooning is awesome for hip and core toning and strengthening.
  • Legs Up is perfect for tightening your butt and if you time your squeeze with the thrust you’ll do wonders for you inner thighs.
  • Doggie Style is sweet for the whole package; strengthening and toning your abs, legs, shoulders and back.

Advantages of Sex Positions for Guys

  • On The Table sets guys up for a total body workout; and by using your arms for leverage while you are pounding away, you’ve just revved up the calorie burn.
  • Cowgirl is going to whip you into shape fast – pushing your hips up and down as your partner rides you is the key.
  • Oral Sex is where you can get as creative as possible, awesome for the lip service.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Calories burned
INFOGRAPHIC: Most popular sex positions in Canada

A total of 3,588 female and 4,429 male respondents participated in the survery. The survey was conducted in cooperation with the leading global casual dating site