Step 2: The best online dating profile: Tips from the Pros

The two most common problems, reported by singles disappointed by online dating are:

“No one writes me/I don’t get any answers.”


“Most online dating profiles are incomplete or unattractive.”

The two complaints have more in common than you would think at first glance- and there is a simple solution for both: The quality of the online dating profiles needs to be improved! Altogether, many profiles on Canadian online dating sites leave much to be desired. Even though an attractive profile is the key for being successful in online dating.

The right online dating profile for each type of Dating.

Depending whether you are on a casual dating site, looking for a fling or are wanting to find the love of your life with a matchmaking service, the requirements differ of course, but there are more similarities than differences! As a rule of thumb – the more expensive a dating site is, the better the quality of the profiles. Anyone who paid for an expensive matchmaking site, will try to get the most out of it, while singles who halfheartedly out of curiosity signed up for a free dating site make little effort in designing their profile.

The problem: Incomplete profiles, riddled with spelling errors, but without photos are often fakes, scammers. Sometimes even true singles are behind them, who didn’t take it very serious with online dating. If your profile appears that way, it will quickly be dismissed as waste of time – and you shouldn’t be surprised if no contact requests come.

Without a complete and smartly styled profile it won’t work anywhere, so we summarized the most important online dating profile tips:

1. Completion

Sure, we all have better things to do than spending hours announcing details about our favorite food, our dream vacation and our attitude towards loyalty and about animal hair on the couch. For most people it is unpleasant to give so much away and many singles think that one can talk about the real things early enough on the first date. However that’ll avenge itself at the latest, when their profile is simply ignored because it reveals so little about them. Consider the time invested as an advance instead – you shorten the wait for the first exciting contact with a complete profile and spare yourself many uncomfortable dates with people with which you have nothing in common.

2. Originality

If you can’t think of anything original in the free text fields, just don’t write any platitudes, quotations or funny sayings like „oh, what should I write here“. Rather a sincere statement that explains why you can’t think of anything here… and thus peak the reader’s interest. Ideally, this could evolve into an interesting conversation.

3. Spelling

Shouldn’t even have to be mentioned. But it has to: Correct spelling and grammar are simply indispensable for online dating. If spelling isn’t your greatest strength, then use a spelling program. Otherwise, you only prove that you are lazy and do not care for details.

4. Positive statements

Every single has its own history of suffering, failed relationships and dating horror stories. None of them have any place on a dating profile. People are attracted to the positive and do not want to hear even before the first meeting, how disappointed you are of life. Emphasize your hobbies and things that give you pleasure. Things you do not like, you should keep to yourself at first. Of course, not everything has to be rosy, but pack the negative statements – if they can’t be avoided – at least in a friendly statement.

5. Openness

Do not lie to look younger, richer and more beautiful than you are, but point out your strengths. Master the art of theming your weaknesses humorously and self ironically, because others are just as far from perfect as you.

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