Step 3: Generating the perfect profile picture – Profile photo tips and ideas

Looks are not everything, but if your online dating profile doesn’t look appealing, you will never get the chance to shine with your character. That does not mean that only singles that look like supermodels have a chance. There are plenty of tips and tricks to make your profile photo an eye-catcher regardless of your appearance.

Profile photo tips for online dating

1. Do not upload the next best picture

Do you just not have a good photo at hand? Then do not simply upload any picture, but go through the effort and have a few pictures taken. No, not at the photo studio. Ask friends at the next meeting, to take a few nice snapshots. Then you are easy, relaxed and might as well seek the opinion of an outsider. If you have beautiful printed photos, but no way to scan them, some dating sites offer a digitization service.

2. The favorite picture

Study all pictures in which you like yourself and pay attention to similarities. Does a color suit you especially good? Is the light advantageous? Do you look nice standing in a certain pose or with a certain facial expression? Try to replicate that effect.

3. A smile is worth a thousand words

As with filling out the online dating profile, the same applies to the profile photo: People are drawn to the positive. No one falls in love with a single, because he looks so insanely cool and mean. A smile makes you sympathetic at first glance.

4. Styling-tips

Single colored clothing is especially nice in pictures, coupled with an unexciting background. Red supposedly increases your chances in online dating, but in doubt rather pick a color that suits you and an outfit in which you feel comfortable. Indirect, natural lighting is advantageous.

5. Three perfect profile pictures

By now, most online dating services offer the option to upload multiple profile pictures. One is not enough, ten are unnecessary. Three profile pictures are perfect: The first profile image is a head and shoulders shot, in which your face can be well recognized in the preview (don’t forget the smile), the second shows you at your hobby, relaxed and happy, in the third you’re dressed up (for example as wedding guest?), have on a great outfit and are visible from head to toe.


6. The second opinion on the profile picture

Ask friends to help you, if you can’t decide on a profile picture. The best way is to get a male and a female opinion, then you get some tips from two different perspectives.

The biggest profile picture sins

  • Bragging poses: For men, sunglasses, bills, guns and gangster bling, for women, too much make-up and “duck face” (kissy mouth face). All been done before, all rediculous.
  • Hiding photos: Blurry, too small, group picture or without a face...what do you have to hide?
  • Naked skin: Except for casual dating sites, naked truths have no business in online dating (and even then “less is more” applies).
  • Cheap selfies: Self taken pictures aren’t prohibited per se, but please no topless portraits taken in the bathroom mirror and other cliché selfies. They come across as narcissistic and immature.



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