Step 6: In love online? Time for a first date!

Some say that you can’t fall in love online. Others swear that it can happen and that many singles fall in love in online dating. Whether you already know from online flirting that you’ve found true love, or if you’re still skeptical – it can be hard to choose the right time for the first date. The editors of Dating Navigator recommend commonly not to rush it but not to wait too long either. The right time depends on what kind of relationship you are looking for, how often and intensive you communicate online and how easy it is to arrange a meeting.

The right time for the first date at online dating (Personals):

Whoever is searching at eHarmony, Lavalife & Co for dates, won’t necessarily find the love of one’s life and in doubt has fun dating by itself. After one or two message exchanges and a few chats, you can safely arrange for a date, if you’ve got a good feeling. An innocuous meeting in a public place, such as in a cafe or at a bar, is an ideal way to find out if the sparks fly for real. Sometimes it can be nice to meet new people this way, if it doesn’t turn into anything. On open flirt and dating platforms (in which all profiles are publicly visible) most singles have a clear date attention deficit. In other words: they are in contact with multiple singles simultaneously. So they shouldn’t wait too long, but rather meet and see what develops.

The right time for the first date in online dating service:

Someone looking for the love of your life, should take a little more time. The choice of possible partners is already limited by the personality based matching, but you should get to know the partner recommendations, with which you’re in contact better, before meeting for a date. As most singles who use dating services, are also a little more limited in time, it may be difficult to arrange a date and it should be worth it. Exchange at least half a dozen messages and a phone call before you arrange to meet.

The right time for the first date in mobile dating/casual dating:

Mobile dating and casual dating are much more result oriented. All information required is actually already found in the profile: For mobile dating, a view of the profile photo and hobbies and for casual dating of sexual preferences, is enough to decide if a meeting could be interesting. Often singles are logged in currently because they are looking for someone right now. When they have time, they don’t want to delay for long. Clarify in advance what you’re in the mood for and set ground rules. With mobile dating especially women have to clearly state, if they don’t want sex, since many men automatically assume it. Even when casual dating, it is perfectly fine, to first meet for a drink and to decide at that time if more should come of it. Important: always meet at a public place. A person you only know from online dating is still a stranger.


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